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Hi there, my name is Mayda Madrid. I love creating art with beautiful layers of black and pops of color. I'm an artist, a caffeine dependent life-form and a voracious reader of literature. I enjoy spreading the love for coffee, great books and stories and this often translates into my artwork.

My style is built around the characters I illustrate. They dress beautifully in layers of black and a splash of color.  I love painting from the heart and moments that speak to me. Which often leads to a very eclectic gallery. The characters I paint and illustrate are inspired by my own personal memories and some that live in my creative imagination.

I use both traditional and digital methods to illustrate. Ink, watercolor, and gouache are most commonly used in my illustrations and finalize touches in digital. Acrylics are also used on occasion. 

As an artist, I also license and create commercial illustration work for businesses and brands to be used in publications, environments and products.

For pricing inquiries and commissions quotes please send a message at hello@maydamadrid.com

Collectors, please contact me or visit my shop.

I'd love to talk to you.


My portfolio is constantly updating with new illustrations. If you'd like access to my entire portfolio, please contact me.

Email: hello@maydamadrid.com

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Mayda's Illustrations

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Illustration Pieces

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