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My name is Mayda Madrid. Your friendly caffeinated artist. I provide illustrative services for publishing and art licensing. I work with private and commercial clients, authors, content creators, entrepreneurs and more. 


I love creating art that is elegant, imperfect with just a splash of color.

Check out some of my figurative sketches here: @maydamadrid

I like to refer to myself as a professional doodler. I enjoy creating art pieces that speak to me, and I often sketch my feelings. I love the simplicity which comes from drawing imperfect loose shapes and lines that lead me to stories-----I love a good story.

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My art style is both cartoon-ish and figurative. I sketch child-like illustrations. These are girls and boys who are cheerful, curious and go on magical adventures! They inspire curiosity and imagination. I love using soft colors on these illustrations, though sometimes darker shades are used. Click on the images to your right to see more of them. 

My figurative/lifestyle women are sketched with elegance and edge. I love sketching women who are bold, intellectual, confident, unapologetic and independent. Women who inspire individuality, uniqueness and voice in their own way. 

Most of my figurative sketches are characters I've concocted in my mind. Others are sketches of real women who have inspired me in my life, such as my mother, sisters, friends and heroes.


With these illustrations I often use monochrome-ish color palettes with pops of color. 

Have a look around my illustration page to see more of my art. 

I am constantly updating my art portfolio, please contact me for book cover art, surface design, art licensing and commissioned work. If you see anything you like, please get in touch:


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Mayda's Art 

Is also available here:

Notebooks-Colorful Minds - Mayda Madrid.


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Illustration Pieces

Art available for graphic design work over at canva.