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I work with a wide range of professionals and brands who utilize my artwork for their environments or products.

Below are some categories where my illustrations are commonly used.


 If you are interested in licensing my work, please contact me using the form below. If you don't like web forms, please email me at hello@maydamadrid.com

Collectors, please feel free to send me a note, I'd love to talk to you.


My portfolio is constantly updating with new illustrations. If you'd like access to my entire portfolio, please contact me.

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Book cover illustrations, book related content, illustrated books, spot illustrations, editorial, Online content

Artwork that can be applied to products. This includes stand-alone or repeating pattern illustrations.

 Illustrations for cosmetics, authors, social media, window or banner display, packaging, giveaways and other advertising.

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I welcome licensing opportunities and commissions, if you’re interested in working together or would like to view my private catalogue of artwork available for licensing, please get in touch in the form below!

Collectors and professionals, please contact me below

or Email at hello@maydamadrid.com

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