Women Who Code

My Women Who Code Illustration piece has been one of my best sellers since it’s creation 🤗 I only made 25 available and I have shipped several this week. I am down to 2 prints.

This art piece is very dear to me. Hence, the limited availability. It was created during the time my kiddo began to have an interest in coding and I had no background on coding whatsoever. His interest led both him and I into a world with a language of its own. We both learned the basics of Java, Ruby, Python and many more. We had our ups, downs and meltdowns learning this foreign language and yet we pushed through.

He is now so heavily involve in programming creating his own games---- and he is only 9 years old! It’s so fascinating to me. We still have so much to learn but seeing his love, dedication and skill for coding makes me the happiest mom ❤️

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