Take With You A Cup Of Confidence | Coffee

Take with you a cup of confidence a.k.a coffee! I drew this sketch in the plane on my way back from Maui in 2017. I had no internet :( but luckily I had my ipad with me so I was able to sketch the entire flight, yay!

I didn't plan this sketch. I never really do while I'm sketching. I simply draw shapes and forms which lead me to stories---I love a good story. Here is she walking about in town with her coffee and sketchbook on her side. Her steps are calm, gentle and confident. She is not afraid to spend time alone. In fact, she is quite fond of it. Her destination? Unknown.

I haven't quite finished her story but you get an idea.

She is also part of my "Colorful Minds" collection. I spoke about this collection via my newsletter. If you missed it, I'll be sending an update soon. So make sure you singup for my newsletter a.k.a art mail. Here is the link: Art Mail Newsletter

Also, you will notice my croqui was very loose and flat. I was learning then how to ge tthe proportions right and I am still learning. I didn't go to art school. In fact, I come from the legal world. So, I had to do a lot of practice and learning.

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