It's OK Not to be OK | Sketching Maya | Video Sketch

When I am not feeling my best whether I am stressed or feeling down. I turn to Maya :)

If you do not know Maya's story, click HERE.

Sketching her makes me feel relaxed and gives me inner peace. It's like art therapy in a way. Sometimes I go through my old drawings of her. I go all the way to the beginning and revisit my original drawings of her. Looking back, makes me feel so proud of myself. It reminds me that it is OK not to be OK all the time, but the key is not to stay there....And that is exactly what I do. I let me myself feel it (depression, stress, anxious etc) By allowing myself to feel, I am also becoming mindful of it. I can name it (identify) and I accept it. By accepting it I can then use my "emergency self-care kit."

What is an"emergency self-care kit?" The kit are small steps I carry out to get myself back to the present moment and to myself. These steps are used depending on the mood and severity of it. Some of the things in my 'emergency self-care kit" are things like, sketching/watercolor painting Maya, sketching in general, reading and drinking some coffee, going out for nature walks, or watching Asian shows like wuxia or historical. I have other things in my kit, but you get the idea.

Try it out yourself. Make your own emergency self-care kit and use it accordingly. When you start feeling low use your items and bring yourself back up where you belong!

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