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Send me your story!

What is the process like?

  • Author questionnaire

  • Manuscript gets two reads

    • true read

    • professional read

  • Feedback will include:

    • In-line comments in Word (Track changes)

    • Actionable feedback on the fundamentals, unless author provides a specific questionnaire.

  • Completion depends on length of manuscript

You did it! You finished your manuscript. Let me help you beta read your story. My goal is to help you during your publishing journey. I combine my professional experience with my love for books to provide you with my best well-informed guidance, actionable feedback, and genuine encouragement of your manuscript before publication.

As your beta reader, these are some of the fundamentals I'll look over:

  • Theme

  • Setting

  • Character development

  • Plot

  • Pacing

  • Dialogue

  • Style

  • Emotional response

  • Genre Conventions

In addition to the above, I also include in-line comments using track changes in Word. I’ll share my emotional responses, questions, and concerns in real time. This gives you an in-depth look at what your reader is thinking and feeling as the story unfolds. To learn more contact me today!

I beta read in the following genres: Romance including dark romance and erotica, Fiction, Literary, Science Fiction, Fantasy, New adult, Young Adult

What are your fees?

Fees depend on length of manuscript length:

Starting estimated fee is $30

Here is the length breakdown:

  • First chapters/short story with up to 30,000 words

  • Novella/manuscript up to 50,000 words

  • Full length up to 90,000 words

  • Over 90,000 words

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I believe in supporting and helping writers who have a dream to be published.


What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is someone who reads an author’s self-edit and/or professionally edited work. The goal of a beta reader is to provide effective and actionable feedback on the overall project.


What do Beta Readers do?

A beta reader in the literacy world looks for problems and weaknesses in a manuscript. Issues range from structural issue to plot holes. Including underdeveloped characters, contextual flaws and at times typos.